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Spring is coming....

Posted on March 2, 2016 at 6:09 AM Comments comments (246)
Spring Clean time....
Detox and Cleanse the Energy of Yourself 
and your Sacred Spaces 

Cherokee Dancing Otter Incense

----------   More Varieties Now being Stocked  ----------

Dancing otter incense sticks are a custom blended recipe by Native American Cherokees Sherry Firedancer and Gary Buffalo Horn Man.

These sticks offer an all natural incense made by working with the powers of the plants to call in their individual qualities.

Choose from West Fire Bear, North Earth Buffalo, Healing, Mother Earth, Dreams, South Water Coyote, East Air Eagle, Father Sun, or Moon Female Energy.  

Use them in ceremony or just enjoy their lovely fragrance.

Each pack contains 12 sticks and each stick burns for approx 40 mins.
Click on Picture to purchase this authentic Native American Incense.

Thanks for looking.