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Natural Glycerine Rock Gem Soaps

For Native Americans cleansing and healing often work together and come in many different ways. Cleansing helps to purify the body, mind and spirit and to bring balance into their lives and their surroundings. Gems and Crystals were a part of everyday traditions and ceremony. These would include Turquiose, Quartz, Amethyst, Jasper and many many more. The symbolic meanings of these were consider a most important factor in the choice and use.

These Rock Gem Soaps are inspired by the various gemstones, crystals and rocks synonymous to the Native American traditions. They are handmade and 100% percent Glycerine based with fragrances that are also commonly found in the healing and culture of the Native American Indian. An all body care product, that is totally inspired by Native American Indian ancestors and the environments they lived in. 

Rocks and Crystals such as Orange River Quartz, Boulder Turquoise, Aqua Opal, Amethyst, Garnet and Apache Tears

are the inspriration for this selection of Rock Gem Soaps.

Each Soap Bar is approximately 6oz and is unique. 

Orange Quartz Soap

A Handmade Glycerin Rock Soap Cut and Coloured with Translucent Shades of Yellow, Orange and Clear with Sweet Orange and Lemon Fragrance.

Orange Quartz Soap

Garnet Sparkle

Handmade Rock Soap with Translucent Dark Red, Light Red and Clear with veins of Green and a light sparkle added with Cranberry Fragrance

Garnet Sparkle